Event Management

Event Management

The Twedex Events Team are global leaders when it comes to creating, managing and executing world-class international sports events and festivals.

In addition to creating and running our own events, we also work with third party events. In these cases, our talented in-house team take ownership of the event and treat it like their own; ramping up exposure and engagement levels on social media; turbo-charging sign-ups; and ensuring the ‘in-event’ participant experience is taken to the next level.

To find out more about our impact on the events we’ve managed, click one of the links below. To find out more about how Twedex can take your event to the next level, get in touch with us today.

Our Events

The World School Games Event Series

The World School Games began in 2018 with 12 schools (270 students) participating in our inaugural event (Dubai – February 2018).

Since then, the Series has experienced unprecedented growth*, and has revolutionised international school sport, to the point that many of the most prestigious schools in the Middle East, Africa and Europe now measuring themselves on how they perform in WSG Events, and where they sit in the WSG World Rankings table.

*2019 saw a growth of 750% from the previous year, with over 90 schools (2300+ students) competing across five events.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the WSG Series has continued to expand, with over 160 schools (5000 students) already registered for the (8-event) 2021 Series.

The BSME Games

In the summer of 2018 we were asked to come on board as the Travel, Logistics, and Media Partners for the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) Games. In our first year, the BSME Games saw a growth of over 33%; from 48 schools (1440 students) in 2018, to 64 schools (1920 students) in 2019.

Our end-to-end management of the BSME Games enabled us to streamline the registration process, enhance the overall participant experience, and simultaneously reduce costs for participants by over 15%.

The Manchester City Cup Abu Dhabi

The Manchester City Cup Abu Dhabi, hosted in Zayed Sports City, is the largest youth football tournament in the Middle East region, with over 150 teams (2500+ players) taking part each year.

As the Travel, Logistics, and Media partner for the event, our Team were responsible for event promotion (internationally), all team registrations, all international team travel/accommodation, as well as in-event Media. Our involvement coincided with international team registrations for the event increasing by over 30%.

The UK International Cup

Established in 2019 and hosted at the home of English Football, St George’s Park The UK International Cup captured the imaginations of the youth football community in the UK and Europe, with team spots being filled within just three weeks after the event was launched. Over 1,800 players (accompanied by over 1,000 parents) participated in what was an incredible weekend of football, played out in the stunning surroundings of St George’s Park.

The World School Sport Expo

New for 2021, The World School Sport Expo offers an amazing opportunity for students, teachers and parents from all corners of the world to connect with experts and thought-leaders from the global youth sport & education fraternity, allowing them to plan their path to the top of their sport.

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